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ZendOut Massage | For Corporate
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Invite serenity to your place …..

book a chair massage today  – the ultimate office perk

5-star Chair Massage

Our Massage Therapists are well known in Denver metro are for using a special technique known for its relaxation and stress reduction properties.

Book your event Easy:

Same-day or in advance, book your own chair massages in a snap. Use our instant booking tool, chat online or speak to our team for custom corporate events. We are available Monday through Saturday from 8am to 6pm.

Fully insured and accredited team

Our therapists are licensed by the Colorado Board of Massage Therapy and accredited by professional organizations.

Top Rated Massage:

Fully insured and accredited team of massage therapists well known for using a special technique known for its relaxation and stress reduction properties.

Our technique:

We utilize static pressure on specific trigger points to relieve pain, increasing range of motion, and balancing the body. Combinations of ancient and modern techniques are used for a unique and completely personalized experience.

The Event:

We offer 10 to 30 minutes massage per person. Employees remain fully clothed, and no creams or oils are used. We work quietly and efficiently to avoid any interruption to the office workflow.

We bring everything:

Massage chairs, relaxing music, essential oil therapy, massage tools to create the perfect workplace relaxing massage

Wellness Program:

You choose the frequency; a one-time company retreat, or a monthly or bi-weekly employee perk. We guarantee to leave your company with healthy, happy and more productive people.